CSL Featured on St. Louis Magazine Blog

A friendly article in the Gardening section of the St. Louis Magazine Blog features some of the positive news generated by the Phase One project. Since some of the wood involved in the Phase One project comes directly from trees on campus that have been cut down in recent years, CSL was pointed out as a organization that is finding creative ways to put old trees to good use, rather than merely disposing of them. Click here to read the article.

Basement Progress

The lower floor of the Benidt Seminary Center will house much larger spaces for the Food Bank and Re-Sell It Shop. A great deal of framing, wiring, and some drywall has been accomplished as of late. While it’s hard to make out the boundaries of the spaces in the photos below, there’s lots of large spaces as well as some small ones. The lower floor will include bathrooms and storage space as well. Finally, food storage will still be located on the lower floor in the same area where it was previously. This area of the lower level is the only one NOT to receive any remodeling as new equipment had been installed already in recent years. Check the gallery below for photos of the progress.

New Kitchen Equipment Arriving

Slowly but surely new kitchen equipment has been arriving over the past two weeks. There’s more to come, but below are a few photos of how things are shaping up in the new kitchen.

Guenther Demo

The first floor of Guenther Hall, which houses the Graduate School and some faculty offices, is getting a little remodeling work of its own. Some of the offices and restrooms at the West end of the building are being expanded, made more accessible, and offering the Graduate School more space for work and storage. The East end will house the new Faculty Lounge and the Dean of Faculty’s office. The gallery below shows images of the demo work. Build-out of the new spaces is slated to begin shortly.

Stoeckhardt Remodeling

Phase One aims to create a student-centric environment in the Benidt Center and the adjacent Stoeckhart Hall. Stoeckhardt is slated to host the new offices for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Services. While this job didn’t require a lot of major changes, the building has received a significant upgrade in HVAC as well as a rearrangement of space for more practical use. Where there used to be cubicles, now there are full offices. It’s getting fresh carpet and paint. There’s still a little work to do before people begin moving in, but it’s starting to look warm and inviting. Access to these office extends immediately off of the Wartburg Commons, so anytime students need to check in with folks in Stoeckhardt, they’ll be just a few steps away. The galleries below show some of the HVAC upgrades (also noted in a post below) as well as some of the most recent images of the remodeling progress (watch for more images to be added to this gallery).


Masons back to work

Earlier this summer, a key set of skilled workers went on strike–the masons. Various vital parts of the Phase One project relied on their very special skills, and thus some aspects of the project are delayed because of their time away from the job. But for the last few weeks, they’ve been back on the job and working hard to catch up. Their projects have included building the massive new elevator shaft that stretches for 4 floors inside the Benidt Center. They also were doing intricate brick work at the base of the pillars for the new canopy entry. At the East end of Koburg hall, they’ve been constructing the new stairway entry. And finally, they laid the foundational pillars upon which the old Log Cabin replica now sits after last week’s move (see posts above). These last three projects have made use of the bricks and stones harvested from the wall that was removed surrounding the service drive earlier this year–just another aspect of good stewardship and using materials we already have to maintain a consistently beautiful appearance on campus.

The galleries below show those projects listed above in order as they were mentioned.

Elevator Shaft

Canopy Pillars

Koburg Stair Entry

Cabin Foundation

East Courtyard Road is Finished

For most of the summer the road between Founder’s Hall (aka Isolation dorm) has been closed so that a new delivery ramp could be dug and put into place, and the pavers laid for the new road and plaza within the East Courtyard. As of this week, all work on the road is finished and traffic is slowly being allowed through. Below are three galleries of photos tracking the progress of the road construction and the pavers as they were installed, along with images of the finished Courtyard taken just this week (see the last gallery). You’ll see that the plaza itself will be well lit, the new ramp is railed off for safety, and everything is looking quite impressive. It was a big job, and now it’s finished, just in time for students to begin moving back onto campus for the Fall quarter.



Kitchen Framing, Drywall, HVAC

The new kitchen is taking shape. The ventilation system is in progress. The walls have been framed and dry-walled. A new walk-in freezer has been installed on the main floor (there are 4 more on the lower level). Tiles have been removed from the floor in the shape of equipment which will soon occupy those places. See the photos below for a look at the work of the past couple of weeks.

Pavers Being Laid In East Courtyard

Today the pavers are being laid in the East Courtyard. The photos below show the small beginnings to a big job. It gives us a glimpse of what the finished plaza will look like.

East Courtyard Making Progress

Over the last two weeks, the East Courtyard has made significant progress. After the piers were in place, limestone was delivered to set the first base over which the new pavers will sit. Before the limestone was spread out, the drainage system was laid throughout the courtyard. The drainage system was necessary because he pavers will be permeable, allowing for water to drain away through the surface itself, rather than running off, or having physical drains installed. The new drainage system taps into some of the new sewer work done earlier in the Spring.

Check out the photo gallery below which shows the newest work happening in the East Courtyard. Click here to see some of the previous work.