Drawings and Concepts

The two major changes that will be visible on the outside of the Koburg/Wartburg/Stoeckhardt Complex include the new canopy entry way into the Dining Hall, as well as the new East Courtyard between the “Isolation” dormitory and Koburg/Wartburg. Below are two color drawings that depict what those new areas will look like.

Canopy Entrance from the center of Campus

New entry

East Courtyard




While the exterior will experience some major aesthetic upgrades, the interior of the complex is where most of the renovation work is taking place. Below are drawings for the Third Floor, which will become something of a “Parish Hall” kind of space for use by students to host events and foster community. All furnishings shown are conceptual.


The Second Floor will have two smaller meeting spaces created, one which is more like a classroom, the other which is more casual and flexible to host other types of meetings. All furnishings shown are conceptual.


The Lower Floor, 2/3 of which was virtually unused for year except for storage, will now house the Re-Sell It Shop and the Food Bank. The 1/3 which has been in use all along was for food storage, and houses newly installed walk-in Freezers. Below is an architectural plan for the Lower Level (a drawing which will be easier to decipher is coming soon).


Artist’s Renderings – East Courtyard

In the images below, you can see the two different settings for the East Courtyard. The street running between the cafeteria complex and Founders Hall (aka “Isolation” dorm) will still be open as one of the main streets running through campus, but it will also have the possibility of hosting events, as the concept image shows.








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