Stoeckhardt Remodeling

Phase One aims to create a student-centric environment in the Benidt Center and the adjacent Stoeckhart Hall. Stoeckhardt is slated to host the new offices for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Services. While this job didn’t require a lot of major changes, the building has received a significant upgrade in HVAC as well as a rearrangement of space for more practical use. Where there used to be cubicles, now there are full offices. It’s getting fresh carpet and paint. There’s still a little work to do before people begin moving in, but it’s starting to look warm and inviting. Access to these office extends immediately off of the Wartburg Commons, so anytime students need to check in with folks in Stoeckhardt, they’ll be just a few steps away. The galleries below show some of the HVAC upgrades (also noted in a post below) as well as some of the most recent images of the remodeling progress (watch for more images to be added to this gallery).


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