Masons back to work

Earlier this summer, a key set of skilled workers went on strike–the masons. Various vital parts of the Phase One project relied on their very special skills, and thus some aspects of the project are delayed because of their time away from the job. But for the last few weeks, they’ve been back on the job and working hard to catch up. Their projects have included building the massive new elevator shaft that stretches for 4 floors inside the Benidt Center. They also were doing intricate brick work at the base of the pillars for the new canopy entry. At the East end of Koburg hall, they’ve been constructing the new stairway entry. And finally, they laid the foundational pillars upon which the old Log Cabin replica now sits after last week’s move (see posts above). These last three projects have made use of the bricks and stones harvested from the wall that was removed surrounding the service drive earlier this year–just another aspect of good stewardship and using materials we already have to maintain a consistently beautiful appearance on campus.

The galleries below show those projects listed above in order as they were mentioned.

Elevator Shaft

Canopy Pillars

Koburg Stair Entry

Cabin Foundation

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