Historic Log Cabin Replica Moved

Last week saw one of the more epic moments in the course of the Phase One project. The near 80 yr old historic log cabin replica—it looks like the original one-room Seminary which began in Perry County in the mid-19th century—was moved from its hidden (and somewhat forgotten) location between Loeber Hall and the Concordia Historical Institute/Environmental Services building to the grassy lawn at the South side of Koburg Hall. Now in a place of prominence, the cabin can once again be a significant destination on campus, representative of the long and rich heritage of Concordia Seminary and The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

For most of the replica’s history, it was located on the plot where the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus now stands. 20 years ago, as construction on the giant chapel was looming, the cabin had to be moved. It was tentatively relocated to the property near faculty house 13. Below, in the first gallery, some of the images (both in color, as well as┬áblack and white) are of the cabin in that location. The replica was soon moved to its most recent location behind Loeber Hall. The remainder of the photos in that first gallery capture the events of that move.

As the Phase One project was getting under way, one of the last details of the planning included moving the cabin to a much more distinctive location on campus. For this to occur during the work of Phase One was a perfect time, since certain parts of the preparatory work could be accomplished by workers already present on campus, such as laying the foundation pillars upon which the cabin would sit at its new location.

Last week at 3-man team who exhibited some of the most amazing coordination many of us had ever witnessed, often without speaking a word, slowly hoisted the cabin off of its old foundation by constructing a flat-bed trailer from underneath where the cabin was sitting. Through the sophisticated use of hydraulics and sheer skill, one man used a remote-control to guide the self-driven flat bed—which could be leveled on-the-fly with the built in hydraulics—while the other two ran ahead, behind, and often times walked under the trailer with the house sitting inches above them, in order to guide the cabin to its new location. The move created enough interest that it drew people from the campus community and even the surrounding neighborhood to watch. Beyond Call Day or Commencement, last week’s move of the replica log cabin may have been one of the most photographed events in the history of Concordia Seminary.

Below is the gallery of the cabin sitting on the property of house 13 and some old pictures we have discovered from when the cabin was moved to its most recent location (many thanks to CHI for these photos). Also included is a small set of historical photos. One is of the original one-room seminary. The other pictures come from a news article on the construction of the replica during the 1930s—it was built not long after the Clayton campus was dedicated.

Lastly, there is quite a large gallery of the move from last week.

Look for a future video featuring an interview with Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary, which captures the events of the move.


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