East Courtyard Road is Finished

For most of the summer the road between Founder’s Hall (aka Isolation dorm) has been closed so that a new delivery ramp could be dug and put into place, and the pavers laid for the new road and plaza within the East Courtyard. As of this week, all work on the road is finished and traffic is slowly being allowed through. Below are three galleries of photos tracking the progress of the road construction and the pavers as they were installed, along with images of the finished Courtyard taken just this week (see the last gallery). You’ll see that the plaza itself will be well lit, the new ramp is railed off for safety, and everything is looking quite impressive. It was a big job, and now it’s finished, just in time for students to begin moving back onto campus for the Fall quarter.



~ by Site Administrator on August 25, 2011.

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