Canopy Constructed with Local Materials

It’s been noted previously (here) that some of the trees on campus had to be cut down in recent years due to age and disease, but the materials were being put to use in campus projects, particularly Phase One. Uniquely, one of those specific projects has reserved a place of prominence for the wood from those trees. The new canopy entrance to the Benidt Center is constructed mostly with wood harvested from the local trees cut down on campus. Not only is the new entry incredibly beautiful in its own right because of this wood, but Concordia Seminary has been intentional about not letting what God has given us go to waste. The use of the wood from our aged trees is a great example of stewardship.

Here’s a few images of the trees as they were first harvested.

Here’s some images of the wood as it was beginning to be milled, stored, dried, and awaiting final finishing before being put to use in the project.

Check out the photo gallery below for some close up shots of the canopy entrance and the beautiful woodwork from our very own trees.

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