Announcing the Johann Hinrich Benidt Seminary Center

The primary location of work in the Phase One project has been the kitchen complex, composed of: two dining halls, Wartburg and Koburg;  the kitchen, with its 2nd and 3rd floor meeting spaces; and the basement where there is food storage, as well as the new location of the Food Bank and Re-Sell It Shop. Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary has recently announced the naming of the complex as the Johann Hinrich Benidt Seminary Center. You can read more about it in the Spring 2011 issue of the Concordia Journal, or in the most recent Concordia Seminary Magazine (Spring/Summer 2011, pg. 25). Here’s part of Dr. Meyer’s statement from the Magazine:

To name a building after a layman from the 20th Century is certainly to highlight the fact that the church and its future does not only rest on the shoulders of pastors, but on every member of church. And God uses every one of them. Johann Hinrich Benidt’s impact is most clearly seen in the life that he inspired his grandson Charles to lead. Johann’s influence has spread beyond his wildest imaginings, and it will continue to leave its mark on the future of Concordia Seminary, and through its students, upon the church at large. We’re proud to name our new world class kitchen and dining complex in honor of Johann Hinrich Benidt.

The Charles E. Benidt Foundation is the most significant donor toward the Phase One project, inspiring the giving of many others, and enabling this project to become a reality for the Concordia Seminary Community.

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