New Camera Posted in Koburg

There’s a new Camera link on the right hand panel. A camera has been placed inside Koburg to catch as much action in there as possible over the summer months. Come back regularly to see what’s happening.

The link is on the right, but you can also click here.

In other news, we’ll have a new view of the East Courtyard soon. We’re moving the camera from the President’s office into Founder’s Hall. As soon as that’s ready, you’ll see a post about it.

~ by Site Administrator on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “New Camera Posted in Koburg”

  1. The new developments are looking great! The ‘live cameras’ seem to be having a ‘rough go’ of it though! (Koburg, Courtyard…) Keep up the good work. The updates are fantastic.

    • Yes, the cameras are subject to power and network connectivity issues as a result of the ongoing work. We try to keep up with it. Thanks for the patience.

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