A New Road on Campus?

It sure looks like the campus is getting a new exit to the road immediately to the West, Big Bend. In fact, a bit of a rumor has popped up in that regard. However, there is NO new road being built for entering or exiting campus.

What you can really see in the images below is called a Haul Road. Since there is so much earth to be moved to make the ramp in the East Courtyard, it was decided that rather than store the dirt some place else, it would be stored on campus. Here’s the description from Steve Mudd, Director of Campus Operations and Dr. Andy Bacon, Provost:

We are disposing of excess dirt from the construction of the phase one work there. This is a cost saving measure as compared to hauling and disposing of the dirt off site. The area will be a little more level (nicer to play on), but otherwise no real change from what it was when we are done. The “road” is temporary for the heavy equipment so it does not get stuck.

Below are some images of the Haul Road.

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