Live Cameras are, well, Live [UPDATED]

[Update] There is now a third camera facing the new East Courtyard with a view from the third floor office of the President’s Executive Assistant. Check the link on the right.

Last week, two live cameras were installed for taking photos of various locations of the project from semi-permanent locations. Each camera takes a photo every 15 minutes for a view of the project as it’s happening – thus, calling the cameras “live” is a little misleading. Because of the bandwidth requirements, we are unable to stream a truly “live” video feed, so stills will have to do.

The first camera has a view of some of the work in the basement directly under the kitchen – that big wall you see will eventually be demolished to make space for the new Food Bank. The second camera is looking out a window in the Library’s stairwell at the service drive area. Slowly but surely, you’ll be able to see the wall coming down and the new canopy entrance being constructed there. Two more cameras will be installed in the next few weeks as other parts of the project get under way.

Later this fall, we’ll compile all the still photos in a time-lapse video for each of the unique views from the cameras. So if you miss seeing some of the work as it happens, don’t worry. You’ll get a much more interesting view in those upcoming videos. They will be posted here on the Phase One site probably in October. For now, check the links on the right. As the other cameras go live, this post will be updated.

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